A world-leading circular charging solution

The BatteryLoop way towards zero emissions

With speed never seen before, our society is changing and adapting to new demands and needs. The automotive industry goes fully electric using renewable energy and batteries in less than ten years, all set to meet the UN’s climate targets.

We deliver profitable solutions, supporting your business drive towards net-zero emissions. We provide your organization with knowledge, intelligent systems, and energy management services.

BatteryLoop’s energy storage system BLESS™ is equipped with a fully integrated energy management system and the intelligent net zero analytics technology. It’s an indispensable solution for businesses willing to reach net-zero while having complete financial control.

“The most important single driver for a decarbonized energy system is the growing role of electricity both in final energy demand and in the supply of alternative fuels, which will be mostly met by renewables, and in particular by wind and solar electricity”.

European Commission’s 2050 Climate Strategy.

BatteryLoop is part of Stena Metall AB and has its roots in Stena Recycling, a leader in recycling and reuse.

Solutions for commercial use

BatteryLoop enables you to move energy in time and space through the product family BLESS™. By delivering a boost to your charging infrastructure, BLESS™ limits the lack of power created by electrification in society. BatteryLoop’s solutions are digitally steered and prepared to support your own electrified and digitalized systems. The products are specifically well suited to support Real Estate owners, Logistic Centers and Ports in their path towards electrification.

BatteryLoop delivers circular and sustainable solutions. All in the theme of net zero emmisions.

Learn more from case studies

Get inspired and learn more about BatteryLoop’s products and solutions. Read about delivered systems in different setups and collaboration projects aiming to solve our society’s electrification challenges.