Being part of the Stena Sphere, BatteryLoop’s history dates back to 1939, when Sten Allan Olsson started his trading company in Gothenburg.

From scrap to sustainable circular solutions

The 23-year-old Sten Allan Olsson started the Sten A. Olsson Metallprodukter trading company in November 1939. From a small, unassuming office, he traded ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, rags and raw rubber. Where others saw old junk, he saw new business opportunities. 

Over the years Stena has grown into a major international business active in a wide range of areas, such as shipping, real estate and recycling. Much is the same as it was in 1939. We are still owned by the Olsson family and still have our head office in Göteborg. The spirit of Sten Allan Olsson still permeates our work, which is to create economic and environmentally sustainable solutions for the intelligent management of resources.  

For decades, Stena has been a leading vehicle recycler. Since the ELV-directive was implemented in 2007, Stena Recycling collaborates with the automotive industry and certified car dismantlers to ensure the highest possible recycling rate of endoflife vehicles. Today, this also covers the batteries of electric vehicles. 

In 2017 BatteryLoop was started as a part of Stena Recycling to explore new possibilities of reusing car batteries for energy strorage purposes. The first system was delivered in December 2019. Today business covers both reused and new batteries. 

As of September 2021 BatteryLoop is its own company and a subsidiary of Stena Metall AB.


1939 Sten A Olsson Metallprodukter founded 

1946 The first ship purchased 

1952 First branch for material collection and processing opens 

1962 Ferry service begin between Gothenburg and Skagen 

1972 Stena Metall AB and Stena AB are divided into separate groups 

1973 First car shredding machine purchased  

1985 First automated metal sorting plant built 

2007 Four recycling companies merged into Stena Recycling  

2007 ELV Directive implemented 

2016 Stena Nordic Recycling Center inaugurated 

2017 BatteryLoop started as part of Stena Recycling 

2019 First BatteryLoop system delivered 

2021 BatteryLoop founded as a company part of Stena Metall AB Group