Discharging unit made by BatteryLoop

The discharging of batteries must be done completely to secure a safe recycling process. For this purpose, BatteryLoop has developed a compact, easy to use, and moveable discharging unit. The discharged energy is recaptured.

Safe and easy to use discharger

BatteryLoop has developed a discharger unit to discharge battery modules. Discharging the battery must be done completely to secure a safe recycling process.
The energy discharged is recycled by being sent directly to the grid 230V 1 phase supporting the facility electrical grid.

The unit is built to discharge ten modules in parallel containing ten smaller discharge units, where each unit can discharge a module of max 200V with a limitation to 320W and 12 A. (6h for a fully charged 37Ah 12cell module)

Using a voltage above 120VDC sets higher requirements on the operator by legal means.

The units can also be set up to work in parallel 2-10 units 640-3200W if higher discharge power on fewer units is required.
The complete system is equipped with a PC interface so that monitoring and settings for all ten subunits are possible as well as logging and data storage of the individual discharge sequence.
Each 320W unit is equipped with a display and the possibility for individual settings if that would be necessary.

The discharge unit is easy to move as it is built in a small rack with wheels. The power wires are exchangeable and could be chosen with different lengths and specific connections for different module types.

The discharger is equipped with a polarity protection system should it be mistakenly connected in the wrong way.

The connections are designed for easy connection and disconnection, reducing the operator’s time for setup.