Frequency Ancillary Services for large-scale grid connection

Opportunity: Unused large scale grid connection of former industrial site. 

A former industrial site in Gothenburg, is now planned to be remade into a new residential district. In the meantime, the site has a large grid connection which won’t be fully used in several years.  


Goal: Make best usage of grid connection. 

Opportunity: Unused large scale grid connection of former industrial site. 

Solution: BLESS™ III, build on premium second-use lithium-ion batteries from electric cars. 
BLESS™ Cloud to monitor and manage the system. 

Result: Will deliver frequency ancillary trade services and participating on local flexibility markets. Will generate revenue from the grid connection to the site, supporting the grid when needed. 


To be able to create value from this connection, a BLESS™ III is being installed during 2023.  

The main purpose of the BLESS™ III is to provided frequency ancillary services to the transmission system operator (Svenska Kraftnät) and be able to sell power on the distribution system operators flexibility market (Effekthandel Väst). Frequency ancillary services supports the grid instantly when needed to be able to keep production and consumption of electricity in balance. Flexibility markets is another way to support the local grid, during peak hours when a large burden is put on the grid. To participate in these types of market the transition to electrification and more renewable energy in the energy system is supported. This will also bring revenue to the site. 

When the construction of the new district is starting the BLESS™ III will also be able to provide power locally to the site when needed.