BatteryLoop is expanding – Today we spend the first day at our new offices at Masthuggskajen.

Today, we are happy to announce that we spend the first day at our new offices. BatteryLoop has signed a lease with Stena Fastigheter and are moving into their building Stuveriet at Masthuggskajen in Gothenburg.

“Stena Fastigheter’s office Stuveriet suits us very well in the expansion phase we are in. We are growing rapidly and needed a new modern office where we can continue to grow and attract additional skills and employees. As Stuveriet aims to become an environmentally certified office building that, among other things, supply electricity through solar cells, it is completely in line with our values. We are an important part of the transition that is taking place in society, we should of course conduct our business in such an environment.” says Rasmus Bergström, CEO BatteryLoop.

Stena Fastigheter is currently building Stuveriet, an office building with magnificent views, in the new district Masthuggskajen, near Järntorget in Gothenburg. The 16-storey office building is being built jointed to the existing building, which has gotten two extra floors built on top. Stena Fastigheter has its office in the same building, becoming neighbors with its sister company BatteryLoop, a company within the Stena Metal Group, that are pioneers in the reuse of batteries from the automotive industry in particular.

“We have a strong focus on sustainability in Stuveriet, so it feels extra exciting that BatteryLoop, which works with circularity in an innovative way, is moving into our new office building on Masthuggskajen,” says Agneta Kores, CEO of Stena Fastigheter Gothenburg.

The thunder-blue façade of Stuveriet is built of recycled aluminum, giving the building its characteristic appearance. There are solar panels on the roof, supplying the entire property with electricity. Generating their own renewable energy is an important step in Stena Fastigheter’s efforts to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 50% by 2030.

BatteryLoop and Stena Fastigheter collaborate on sustainable and environmentally friendly electricity supply. This spring, the parties, together with Volvo Cars and Essity, inaugurated a world-leading vehicle charging system. The energy storage, which is made from batteries from electric cars, charged by solar panels, provides charging stations for electric and hybrid cars and electric bicycles with climate-neutral electricity.

Styveriet intends to achieve the LEED Platinum certification, which is LEED’s highest certification for environmental buildings. In addition, Masthuggskajen is certified according to City Lab Action and has been awarded the Sweden Green Building Award in the City Lab category.

“We look forward to filling the whole of Stuveriet with companies and people who want to be part of the sustainable Masthuggskajen, where there is creativity, innovation and the opportunity to collaborate with each other.” says Agneta Kores, CEO of Stena Fastigheter Gothenburg.



For further information, please contact:
Olivia Falklind, Digital Market Communications, BatteryLoop.
070-286 63 12,

Mia Larsson, Head of Communications, Stena Fastigheter Göteborg.
072-858 02 85,

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