BatteryLoop joins Power Circle’s partner network

With an increased number of electric vehicles (EV) there is a need to take care of them at their end of life in a sustainable way, at the same time the need for energy storage in the electricity grid is increasing. Power Circle is happy to welcome BatteryLoop, a company that gives old EV batteries a second life in energy storage systems, to the partner network.


Electrification in the transport sector is moving fast and the number of chargeable vehicles is increasing in record speed. At the same time, the question regarding of how the EV batteries, that often has substantial capacity left at the end of life in the vehicles, should be taken care of.

BatteryLoop Energy Storage System (BLESS™) reuses old EV batteries in energy storage systems, controlled through a digital service platform that enables energy optimization. Instead of the batteries being recycled, their life cycle is prolonged by using them in smart energy storage systems. The commercial life cycle of the batteries is prolonged at the same time the environmental impact is reduced. The result is a storage solution that can support the electricity grid and enable storage of renewable energy.

The availability of flexibility is crucial to be able to handle the future electricity system in an efficient way and battery storage has the potential to become an important resource that can contribute to everything from supporting the electricity grid and integrating larger quantities renewables to managing power peaks that arise through, for example, vehicle charging, says Anna Wolf, acting CEO Power Circle.

Battery storage can help companies in, for example, the real estate industry, logistics centers and ports with the transition to electrification. Property owners sometimes find it difficult to secure enough power to be able to install charging infrastructure for their tenants, who want to be able to charge their electric cars both at home and at work. Logistics centers and ports have similar needs with an increased electric vehicle fleet that sets new requirements and needs. BatteryLoop is also part of the EU project ‘Sea Li-ion’, with the task of investigating how battery storage can enable and accelerate electrification of maritime transport and ports.

At BatteryLoop, we support companies in the transition to electrification. We do this with a circular solution with our products that are based on reused vehicle batteries and our own developed digital service platform. By becoming partners with Power Circle, we see great opportunities to, together with like-minded people, drive the development of a sustainable electrified society, says Rasmus Bergström, CEO BatteryLoop.

About Power Circle
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Article in Swedish: BatteryLoop ger återanvända bilbatterier ett andra liv i energisystemet – PowerCircle

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