Swedish Electricity Storage and Balancing Center

BatteryLoop is one of the stakeholders in the new competence center for electricity storage and balancing (SESBC) that recently was granted funds by the Swedish Energy Authority. Together with academia, electricity grid operators and authorities, among others, BatteryLoop will contribute with knowledge regarding technologies and solutions.

We are very proud and excited to be part of this initiative. We find it important to share knowledge to handle the challenges of an electrified society. BatteryLoop will take part in development projects, information dissemination and as governance bodies, says Rasmus Bergström, CEO BatteryLoop.

The Swedish Electricity Storage and Balancing Center (SESBC) is an initiative from Chalmers University of Technology. The aim is to be a key player to reach the vision of a 100 percent renewable electric system. Through the formation of a multidisciplinary and international competitive Swedish hub for excellent research with strong industrial collaboration. The entire chain is covered from materials, via components, to the electrical system, and its steering.

The competence center is one of the tools in the Swedish Energy Agency’s portfolio of research and innovation efforts. The purpose is to strengthen the cooperation between industry, the public sector and academia. Thereby, generate and make available both knowledge and competence for society’s transition to a sustainable energy system.

Miljoner från Energimyndigheten till Chalmerscentrum | Chalmers 
Kompetenscentrum 2022-2026 (energimyndigheten.se)

BatteryLoop make companies more sustainable by offering know-how, services, and products to create efficiency-optimizing energy solutions that meet the growing need for power in real time. Old electric vehicle batteries are given a second life in the BLESS™ (BatteryLoop Energy Storage System). The commercial life of the batteries is secured, and the environmental effects are reduced. Additionally, the energy storage systems support the electric grid and enables an increase of renewable energy. BatteryLoop is a start-up company in the Stena Sphere providing pioneer power optimization for a sustainable electrified world.

Olivia Falklind, BatteryLoop: olivia.falklind@batteryloop.com, +46 (0) 702 866 312

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