BatteryLoop scores podium finish in Sweden’s largest energy prize

On Tuesday the winners of E-prize were announced, Swedens largest energy award. The award is hosted by Dagens Industri, Aktuell Hållbarhet and E.on. BatteryLoop was one of the three finalists in the category Energy efficiency for their smart energy storage solutions, made from second-use electric vehicle batteries.

“We are extremely happy and proud of this position! To be noticed for our competence and our innovational strength is an important conformation that we are on the right track”, says Rasmus Bergström, CEO BatteryLoop.

The award was presented during the conference ‘Hållbart Näringsliv’ on Tuesday 16th of November.

“We are enablers for the transition and electrification of society. And we do so by providing a fully circular solution. Our products are based on second-use batteries, so we are part of the circular solution, which is very important to us. We are contributing to the goal towards zero greenhouse emissions and securing the future environment and next generations”, Rasmus Bergström continues.

BatteryLoop’s smart energy storage system BLESS™ (BatteryLoop Energy Storage System) gives old electric vehicles a second life. The commercial life of the batteries is secured and at the same time the environmental effects are reduced. In addition, the energy storage systems support the electric grid and enables an increase of renewable energy.

“We are on an exciting journey on a market that is growing with over 40% per year. The market that we are aiming for is valued to over 500 billion kronor. Our biggest resource is competent, driven employees”, says Rasmus Bergström.

BatteryLoop is a start-up, with its roots in the Stena sphere, and supports companies in the transition towards electrification. In April, earlier this year, a vehicle charging system was inaugurated at the hygiene and health company Essity where now 78 charging stations for electric-and hybrid cars and 24 for electric bikes are provided with climate-neutral electricity. During the fall of 2021 BatteryLoop is mapping the conditions for installing charging infrastructure in a number of real estate properties within the existing power supply. As well as, continuing their work as part of the EU project ‘Sea Li-ion’ where they investigate how battery storage can enable and accelerate electrification of maritime transport and ports.



For more information contact:
Olivia Falklind, Digital Marketing & Communications, BatteryLoop., +46 70-286 63 12.

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