Bright, Young, and Sustainable Future 

Students suggest BatteryLoop as solution for new sustainable area in Härryda municipal.

The students at the junior high school Ekdala in Härryda municipal had a project during the fall together with the project Landvetter Södra and the 2030 Sustainability Goals. Landvetter Södra development is a new area being built in Härryda municipal. The students were asked to come up with suggestions for solutions to make the area as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. A group of four students, Emma, Lova, Linus and Sixten, chose to present BatteryLoop as their solution.

The students argue that since BatteryLoops solutions allows to store solar energy it is an environmentally friendly alternative. Further, it is a circular solution since BatteryLoop re-use existing batteries and therefore reduce the negative environmental effect of batteries.

– We found BatteryLoop and thought it sounded like a good idea for Landvetter Södras new district. It seems like a very smart and sustainable system, says Emma, one of the students.

Our CEO Rasmus Bergström went out to meet with the students last week and thank them personally.

– It was nice to meet the students and hand over a small gift to them. I was happy to see that youths have an environmental and sustainability mindset, and that BatteryLoop is part of that. For us, it is very important to encourage youths and students to work with sustainable solutions and ideas, says CEO Rasmus Bergström.

Here at BatteryLoop were very proud that the students chose our solutions as part of making the area more sustainable. The students have, with their enthusiasm, given us hope for a bright and sustainable future. It assures what we already feel, that we are on the right way towards a sustainable future.


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