DI Energi – Circular energy storage is growing

BatteryLoop is one of the leading players developing and supplying energy storage systems with reused vehicle batteries. Electric vehicle batteries get a second life in BatteryLoop’s energy storage system BLESS™ which, together with its digital service platform, creates economic value and reduces climate impact.

An increased share of renewable energy production and volatile electricity prices means that the market for energy storage is growing. At the same time, the number of electric vehicles, with batteries that when they are worn out in the vehicles have 70-90% capacity left, is increasing. BatteryLoop extends the battery life with about 10 years before the batteries go to recycling.

“We are an enabler who contributes to the transformation and electrification of society, we do it with a fully circular solution. We contribute to the goal of zero emissions and to secure the future of the environment and the next generation”, says Rasmus Bergström, CEO of BatteryLoop.

“With reused batteries, the climate impact is drastically reduced. A 3-megawatt energy storage system saves 1,000 tons of CO2 emissions from production, based on IVL’s* life cycle analysis,” Rasmus Bergström continues.

During the spring, BatteryLoop signed a contract with Mercedes-Benz Energy that secures high volumes of reused battery modules. This could enable BatteryLoop to deliver up to 40 megawatt hours within the next 18 months with Mercedes-Benz Energy modules.

“This is a huge market, we will be one of the few that can deliver a complete circular solution with reused batteries”, Rasmus Bergström.

In April this year, the company delivered its latest BLESS™ system to the Stena Metall Group’s head office in Gothenburg. The system is built with 800 reused battery modules from Toyota Material Handling’s electric trucks. Previously, BatteryLoop has built systems with reused bus batteries from Volvo Buss electric buses and electric car batteries from Volvo.

“We see an increased awareness among our potential customers, the circular solutions we offer are important to them, from HR departments to company management. Through reuse, we also create positive effects for our suppliers of batteries.” Rasmus Bergström.

BLESS™ is a smart system, which in addition to hardware includes software and a digital service platform that offers services such as Peak Shave and frequency support services such as FCR-D and FFR. Peak Shave cuts property power peaks and reduces electricity cost for grid connection as well as increases available electrical power and thus functionality of installed charging infrastructure. FCR-D is used to sell the energy capacity in the energy storage to Svenska Kraftnät’s market to support services and thus generate revenue.


*the Swedish Environmental Research Institute


BatteryLoop delivers energy storage systems and a proprietary digital service platform with reused vehicle batteries. BLESS™ is scalable between 50 kilowatt-hours up to over 2 megawatt hours. BLESS™ I is based in a 16.5 foot container that only takes up the surface of a parking lot, the larger systems are based in 40 feet containers. The company is a start-up, part of the Stena Metall Group.

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