Internship – Strategic Purchasing and Procurement

Meet Robert Ackman, a student studying Strategic Purchasing and Procurement, a Higher Vocational Education, at One Academy. Robert is doing his internship at BatteryLoop this spring.

“The program I’m studying is focusing a lot on sustainability, so when choosing a company for my internship it was important to me that the company had a big sustainability focus. When you work with purchasing, you really have an opportunity to make a big difference and contribute to a more sustainable company and in turn a more sustainable society.” Robert says.

“BatteryLoops solution is great, both that they are reusing batteries for the energy storage systems and that the systems can be used to support energy consumption. They think about sustainability at all levels, that’s the best part about BatteryLoop, in my opinion.” Robert continues.

Robert is working closely to our Head of Purchasing Karl-Michael.

“In a fast-growing company that develops cutting edge technology recruitment is a strategic task for all functions. Therefore, this type of internship is an important tool to stay in touch with the latest trends in education and get to know potential candidates for future hires. And finally, it is fun to work with people that really want to learn and contribute, and for me to be constantly challenged on the question why we are doing things the way we do.” Says Karl-Michael.

“In the process of applying to internships, Karl-Michael showed such genuine interest and enthusiasm. Which was, in combination with the sustainability aspect, the reason I chose to come to BatteryLoop.” Robert responds.

Robert ends with saying: “Everyone has been super nice!  I feel so well taken care of. Most importantly is that I feel excited going to work in the mornings. I’ve gotten to try many things working practically and been using a lot of the theoretical knowledge from my studies in the practical work. In this short time, I’ve already gotten to work with various areas of purchasing, not only operational purchasing but also with strategic purchasing.”

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