Master Thesis

We are very happy to have Gopalakrishnan Sivakumar with us this semester!

Gopalakrishnan is studying Master of Science in Sustainable Energy systems at Chalmers University of Technology and is writing his Master Thesis at BatteryLoop this spring.

“I am very interested in the company since this is such important work, and the people here are very friendly and motivating and offering me support. It’s a good office environment and nice to come and sit and work here.” says Gopalakrishnan Sivakumar.

“Here at BatteryLoop we think it’s very important to work closely to the academia, so we are very happy to have Gopalakrishnan here with us this spring.” – Anders Grahl, Gopalakrishnan´s supervisor from BatteryLoop.

Gopalakrishnan is writing his master thesis about how energy storage systems can create benefits in micro grids.

“As an aspiring Energy Analyst, I found it very interesting to take on this thesis work, this is a way for me to analyze a real case scenario and get hands on experience.” says Gopalakrishnan.

“The challenges I´m facing in the process of this thesis is exciting and I am learning new things. The courses I have read has prepared me for this work, at Chalmers we learned small case scenarios and now I am getting exposed to a real large industrial case. I get to develop and practice the skills that I have learned in theory from my program.” Gopalakrishnan continues.

We are excited to continue the work and see the results later this spring.

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