Master’s thesis about flexibility markets

Congratulations Gustav Bjerre and Daniel Granath! You have now completed your studies after six months with a master’s thesis together with BatteryLoop. What did you study?

“We studied the role of flexibility markets in overcoming capacity shortages in local electricity grids, with opportunities and challenges. Our case was the city of Gothenburg and we have interviewed many significant actors in this area: real estate companies, industries, ports, the grid operator and many more.

A flexibility market is a marketplace which issue is to solve issues that occur when the electricity consumption either is higher than the electricity production or the transmission capacity in the grid. Bottlenecks can occur at many levels and consumers can be part of the solution by reducing electricity consumption, those peak demand hours. And be compensated for it!”

What changes drives the need for flexibility?

“The ongoing electrification of transports, industries and other sectors places demands on more accessible power in the electricity grid. The current electricity grid does not have the capacity to meet all needs and expansion takes time. It is also a question of resource efficiency to increase the utilization rate of the electricity grid, instead of building lines that are dimensioned for the worst-case scenarios.

What key factors have you explored, that can address those challenges?

“There is already a commitment to those issues. The important thing now is to create financial and organizational opportunities for actors to participate. To create a market platform where there is a business benefit that can create the needed societal benefits – and dare to test and evaluate.”

How has it been to do the master’s thesis on BatteryLoop?

“It has been a fantastic opportunity to gain insight into a future industry and an innovative company. To solve power shortages, with reused batteries and take lead in the electrification, is a textbook example of what our master-program in energy, environment and management has been about. We want to thank all the inspiring and helpful people at BatteryLoop, who have supported us during this spring.”

What awaits you now?

One last summer holiday before working life begins. We will both bring those experiences into our future professional life as consultants in the energy and sustainability sectors.”

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