Welcome Pepe!

We are proud to announce a new member to the BatteryLoop-troop, Pepe Tan!

Pepe has a PhD from Chalmers University of Technology and has earned deep knowledge in optimization of energy storage operations, for minimizing payback time of investment costs. He has further experiences from forecasting and detection of energy consumption signals and been into data analysis of electric vehicles.

“I am very excited to join BatteryLoop as a Data Scientist, because it will involve forecasting energy demand as well as optimum control and sizing of the energy storage unit for different applications. It will also be very rewarding to see the many kinds of value being generated as part of the work. Such as from re-using batteries to being able to reduce peak loads for both consumers and the electrical grid.”

Pepe will join in September and focus on refining forecasting algorithms to achieve maximum benefit with our power management software and battery storage systems, BLESS™.

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