Welcome to BatteryLoop, Axel!

We are growing! We are proud to announce another new member to the BatteryLoop-troop – Axel Vänerhav.

Axel is a battery enthusiast with previous experience from the automotive industry where he, the last 5 years, have been working with electrification. He possesses great knowledge regarding hardware architecture and creating ways forward for future developments.

“What I find really interesting with joining BatteryLoop is to be part of a different side of the electrification and being able to work with a company that actively works towards a more sustainable society. As the energy business is going through an interesting phase, moving towards more renewable energies, I find it very intriguing being part of working towards those solutions. Additionally, the energy of the organization and being part of something in the start up feels very exciting!”

Axel joined us at the end of August and will be focusing on hardware architecture in combination with project management.

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