Welcome to BatteryLoop, Bashar!

We are growing!

Bashar has experience from testing, analysis and fault tracing within the power energy business and has worked with both Software and Hardware. He has previously worked at Volvo Trucks and Volvo/Polestar and has experience from working with both Low Voltage and High Voltage on Electric vehicles. Before he started his journey with testing and development Bashar worked for about 15 years with IT on network-server level.

“BatteryLoop is a new challenge for me to work with a new system and new tools with the BLESS™. I enjoy the nice work environment and my new fun coworkers.” Bashar Maseh

Basher has joined us as our lead testers and will continue developing new test processes for software and hardware. We are so happy to have you part of the #BatteryLoopTroop.

We are so happy to have you part of the BatteryLoopTroop!

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