Welcome to BatteryLoop, Cecilia!

A big welcome to BatteryLoops newest addition – Cecilia Dano!


Cecilia has a broad company experience and has worked from R&D to Aftermarket. Cecilia has worked in big corporations and latest at Volvo where she has worked with everything from development at R&D, Quality, Production and the latest as Solution Architect for Electrification at Aftermarket.


“I am really looking forward to starting at BatteryLoop! I think its an incredible interesting product and it is very current, I want to be part of BatteryLoops growth and making it flourish. It is also very exciting to work within such a large and well-known group as Stena.” says Cecilia.


Cecilia has joined us as Production manager and will be part of developing and increasing BatteryLoops production.
We are so happy to have you, your extensive experience and most of all, your incredible energy, part of our team!

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