Welcome to BatteryLoop, Emilia!

Welcome to BatteryLoop Emilia Grandell.

Emilia has worked as an energy consultant for almost a decade and has great knowledge regarding how buildings work energy wise. Her focus has mostly been on real-estate, new construction, energy-coordination, and environmental certifications. Emilia also has experience of larger systems, for instance, insight how to share energy between buildings.

“I´m very happy to have joined BatteryLoop and I´m feeling excited for the fall and what’s to come! The work environment at BatteryLoop is great, the people are driven. You can tell that people are here because they want to, the engagement level is very high.

To on top of that, work with such an interesting product and growing market is thrilling, we´re part of the transition and the future.

It is also interesting to work at a start-up, in the scale-up phase, to be part of the growth and development of both the products and company,” says Emilia.

Emilia has joined BatteryLoop as an Energy Analyst, she will help our customers and analyze their energy and power need.

We are so happy that BatteryLoop keeps growing and to have you part of our journey Emilia!

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