Welcome to BatteryLoop, Erik!

BatteryLoop is growing! Welcome to the BatteryLoop troop Erik Stenberg!

A strong drive and forward thinking have permeated Eriks career, from being an accountant working with everything from small start-ups to large international companies to being the CFO at a listed company working with software development and AI and working as the CEO at a law firm.

Erik has a lot of experience from creating processes, routines, and structures for companies to continue their growth and modernization. Erik has experience from start-ups being in the scale up phase and will bring valued insights.

“I am very excited to be part of BatteryLoop! Partly because the products and services are very current, there is a market where we can fill a gap with our innovation, and the time is now. That is very exhilarating! As soon as I stepped in here you can feel the atmosphere, the group is fantastic, and everyone has this drive to create something great not only for the sake of the company but there is a strong drive to create value for our customer.” Erik Stenberg.

Erik joined BatteryLoop as Head of Finance and will continue to develop a structure for our finances as well as finding new angels and points of views for the business model and focus on creating value for our customers.

We are so happy to have you onboard!

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