Welcome to BatteryLoop, Frans!

Welcome to BatteryLoop Frans Lundquist!

Frans has long experience from trading and business development in the energy markets. Notably, he worked for 14 years for the portfolio management and trading company Telge Kraft, of which the last 7 years as the company’s CEO. The last years Frans has been running his own consultancy firm with various strategy, business development and project management assignments across the Scandinavian energy sector.

“I am delighted to help BatteryLoop develop its business towards electricity capacity trading and commercialize different use-cases among potential customers. From my previous work, I have closely monitored the rising challenges that the electricity system is facing as a growing portion of the electricity production comes from renewable sources. The use of BatteryLoop’s battery systems can really make a difference, and facilitate renewable growth in a sound commercial manner.” – Frans Lundquist

Frans joined BatteryLoop in January as Senior Energy Expert and will contribute with the development, commercialization, and sales of BatteryLoop´s services towards capacity and energy markets.

We are so happy to have you part of the BatteryLoop troop!



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