Welcome to BatteryLoop, Jessica!

BatteryLoop continues to grow – today we welcome Jessica Mitrosbaras.

Jessica has a background managing professionals from Embedded SW/systems, Data Analytics and Project Management, working with matching right competences with customer’s needs. She has a broad network within the Automotive, IT and Telecom industries. In previous roles her responsibilities have been in developing and working with sales, HR and development of teams. In addition to this, Jessica has extensive experience within recruitment and employer branding.

“I love working in a fast paced, entrepreneurial company such as BatteryLoop with cutting-edge technology. I chose to be part of BatteryLoop to experience the excitement of working at a purpose driven company. To be part of the societal electrification journey and the drive towards net-zero emissions is incredibly meaningful to me. Together, with a driven team we will build something for future generations,” says Jessica.

Jessica’s focus at BatteryLoop will be team growth and continue with the development of the company culture.

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