Welcome to BatteryLoop, Leo!

BatteryLoop continues to grow! We now welcome Leo Flytström.

Leo has a wide background with an education from Chalmers in Electro and various roles working with embedded programming, as a Project Manager and Chief Technology Innovation Officer Electronics. He has been part of the growth journey of several other start-ups and is now joining our electrifying journey.

“I have a lot of experience from working in start-ups, I like being where the action is! I am very excited to be part of BatteryLoop, it’s an interesting industry. To be able to extend the longevity of functioning batteries is very cool and considering the challenges the electricity grid is facing it’s incredible to be part of being able to support them.”

Leo started at BatteryLoop in the beginning of November as a Project Manager.

We are so happy to have you part of the BatteryLoop troop!

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