Welcome to BatteryLoop, Mikael!

We are really happy that BatteryLoop keeps growing! Today we present Mikael Örbratt.

Mikael has previous experience from the telecom and automotive industry, where he has had various Project lead and managerial roles. Mikael has worked with remanufacturing and share our passion for circularity. He has extensive experience from creating structure and increasing efficiency.

“I feel like I have gotten a lot of new energy from joining BatteryLoop! From the excitement of new technology, but even more so from my new colleagues.” – Mikael Örbratt

Mikael started at BatteryLoop at the end of February as Epic Owner and will use all his previously expertise to contribute with building the structure as BatteryLoop is growing.

We are so happy to have you onboard and part of the BatteryLoop Troop!

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