Welcome to BatteryLoop, Oscar!

BatteryLoop continues to grow! We now welcome Oscar Larsson.

Oscar moved to Gothenburg 3,5 years ago from up north.  Since then he as worked within the electricity grid sector and IT. Oscar has a background in energy technology and has great knowledge regarding grid calculations. For instance, investigating consequences of adding solar panels or charging infrastructure. Recently, he has focused on optimizing tools for network investments.

“It feels really inspiring to be able to help the electricity grid companies and their end-consumers in a sustainable way to handle todays- and future challenges. I am excited to join a company where I feel like we have an important purpose. And where everyone is very curious, and purpose driven towards a common goal of creating something new.”

Oscar joined BatteryLoop as a Junior Project Manager, focusing on offering our customers and partners smart solutions and services.

We are so excited to have you and your insight part of the troop!

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