Welcome to BatteryLoop, Patrik!

BatteryLoop is expanding their sales organization with the new Head of Sales, Patrik Boccara as lead. He is responsible for sales and the future development of Bat​teryLoop’s sales organization.

“BatteryLoop’s purpose is truly inspiring and the opportunity to work with such talented and driven colleagues is exciting. We have a range of opportunities for future business – paramount to our future is choosing which to pursue.” Patrik says.

Patrik has a background from different industry sectors, including software, vehicles and energy and has been part of building several companies. He has driven several start-ups and was for instance part of building the digital energy service company Utvecklingsklustret Energi AB. Patrik has worked within sales, business development and product development from the commercial side. We are happy to have you onboard Patrik!


Send Patrik an email at patrik.boccara@batteryloop.com if you have any inquiries regarding our offering or our sales organization.

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