Frequency Ancillary Services

Deliver frequency ancillary services by managing power from the property’s energy storage will help stabilize the grid and generate revenue for the property owner.

The grid requires a constant balance between production and consumption, which is more difficult to achieve with ever more renewable energy.

The frequency of the grid needs to be held at 50 Hz to secure the right functionality. Too high frequency indicates more production than consumption, and too low frequency indicates that more production or less consumption is needed.

Since the balance of production and consumption constantly needs to be in balance, there is a market for frequency ancillary services at the transmission system operator (Svenska Kraftnät in Sweden).

As electrification and the share of renewable energy in the electric system increases, the need for this type of services also increases. When the frequency deviates from 50 Hz, various resources are activated to restore it to the correct level, depending on the magnitude of the deviation

BatteryLoops energy storage system BLESS™ can contribute to these markets and deliver power to the most time critical frequency ancillary services (FFR and FCR for example). By participating on these markets, a revenue from the BLESS™ can be obtained.