Product offering

BLESS™ is BatteryLoops product family, a circular energy storage system designed for reused premium lithium-ion batteries developed for the automotive industry.

BLESS™ is the future.

The electrification of society and reaching climate goals sets new demands for new solutions. More electric vehicles and an electrified society demands more charging and power from the grid. The transformation of energy sources to more renewable and intermittent ones, such as wind power and solar power creates more volatility in the grid. An energy storage can support the grid and create more stability.

BatteryLoops energy storage systems (BLESS™) can enable our customers to maximize their grid connection, create both local and external value and, additionally, decrease energy costs and increase revenue.

Our energy storage systems BLESS™, combined with our digital service platform BLESS™ Cloud can, for instance, enable:

  • Support of a grid connection that is not large enough for your needs
  • Enabling fast-charging of electric vehicles
  • Lower cost with peak shave and saving solar
  • Increase revenue with frequency ancillary services

Learn more about our BLESS™ Cloud and digital services: BLESS™ Cloud – BatteryLoop