The BLESS™ I is BatteryLoops energy storage system specially designed for residential properties and various types of commercial properties. The system is fast, efficient, and can handle the most time critical services.

The BLESS™ I enables our customers to use the BLESS™ Cloud, our digital service platform, which can create great value.

The system can create local value by, for instance, cutting power peaks, boost charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and store energy from solar power.

In addition to local services, the BLESS™ can support frequency ancillary services and participate in flexibility markets. By utilizing the services in our BLESS™ Cloud our customers can cut costs and increase revenue.

Learn more about our BLESS™ Cloud and digital services: BLESS™ Cloud – BatteryLoop



The BLESS™ I is our smaller system that is based in one 20ft container. Supporting the electrification of society.

Power output: 176 kW
Power input: 176 kW
Installed energy: 295-590 kWh

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