The BLESS™ III is BatteryLoop’s most powerful energy storage system with a power of 2800 kW and energy, up to 3 700 kWh. It is designed to support larger commercial real estate and energy industries. The BLESS™ III enables our customers to get maximum usage of their grid connections.

The BLESS™ III enables our customers to use the BLESS™ Cloud, our digital service platform, which can create great value.

The system can create local value by, for instance, cut power peaks, boost charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and store energy from solar power.

In addition to local services, the BLESS™ can support frequency ancillary services and participate in flexibility markets. By utilizing the services in our BLESS™ Cloud our customers can cut costs and increase revenue.


Learn more about our BLESS Cloud digital services: BLESS™ Cloud – BatteryLoop



BatteryLoop gives used electric vehicle batteries a second life in their energy storages. Currently the BLESS™ III is made with second use batteries from Mercedes-Benz Energy.

Power output: 2 800 kW
Power input: 1 450 kW
Installed energy: 2 600 – 3 700 kWh

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